Project structure

The project is organised into 8 work packages (WPs):

WP1: Project management
WP2: Assessment of current DG, DSO and Market interactions
WP2 will give will give a comprehensive overview of the development of the interactions between DG/RES operators, DSOs and market places based on the developments in five regions West Denmark, The Netherlands, Germany, Spain and the United Kingdom. These five regions were selected carefully with respect to market situation (including the support mechanisms) and regulatory framework so that they give a relevant picture for whole EU.
WP3: Scenario’s development and analysis
The major objective of this work package is to work out DG/RES-E scenarios for the EU energy future per DG/RES-E generation technology and per country up to 2020 (with projections up to 2030) based on the simulation model GreenNet.
WP4: Case studies of system costs of distribution areas
This work package integrates the analysis and assessment concerning the increase of DG in the mid- to long-term future from WP3 with case studies of network operators. Three network operators in respectively the Netherlands, Germany and Spain will cooperate in this work package to calculate and assess the costs of increasing DG shares according to the topology of their own network.
WP5: Assessment of enhanced network response alternatives
In this work package, new advanced response alternatives will be proposed to network and market management practices that may potentially lead to lower system costs than would be the case under standard DSO responses (see figure below).

WP6: Policy and regulatory analysis and recommendations
The results of WP1 to WP5 will be used to develop policy and regulatory recommendations to implement the most cost-efficient future network infrastructure and market design. As investments in networks are carried out for a long period of time, measures taken now will have impact on the cost development of networks and finally the electricity costs for numbers of decades. The development of different market places and the way DG/RES can participate here also will play a role in how optimally the integration of these sources will take place for the electricity system as a whole.
WP7/8: Dissemination