Project results


Download here the IMPROGRES Final Report: Market and regulatory incentives for cost efficient integration of DG in the electricity system.

Download here the first IMPROGRES report: Development of interactions between distributed generation and distribution system operators.

Download here the second IMPROGRES report: Assessment of interactions between the economics of distributed generators, distribution system operators and markets.

Download here the third IMPROGRES report: Scenarios for DG/RES energy futures on case study, country and European level.

Download here the fourth IMPROGRES report: Case studies of system costs of distribution areas.

Download here the fifth IMPROGRES report: The role of alternative network response options in minimising the costs of DG integration into power networks.

Download here the sixth IMPROGRES report: Regulatory strategies for selected Member States (Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, the UK)






10 April 2008

Dutch stakeholder meeting

Martin Scheepers

Introduction to the IMPROGRES project

10 April 2008

Dutch stakeholder meeting

Jos Poot

Praktijk studie Kop van Noord-Holland’ (In Dutch)