Intelligent Energie Europe program of the European Commission

Other Intelligent Energy Europe projects

RESPOND - Renewable Electricity Supply interactions with conventional Power Generation

- Enhancement of Sustainable Electricity Supply through Improvements of the Regulatory Framework of the Dirstribution Network for Distributed Generation

ELEP - European Local Electricity Production

GreenNet EU-27 - Guiding Large Scale and Least Cost Grid and Market Integration of RES-Electricity in Europe


6th Framework Program projects

SOLID-DER - Coordination Action to Consolidate RTD Activities for Large-Scale Integration of DER into the European Electricity Market

FENIX - Enebling Distributed Energy Resources (DER) to make the EU electricity supply system cost efficient, secure and sustainable through aggregation into Large Scale Virtual Power Plants (LSVPP).

IRED - Integration of Renewable Energy Sources and Distributed Generation into the European Electricity Grid